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    Tattoo Studio Marmaris

    We have been in the business of tattooing since 2005, offering the best of service and designs available.

    We understand how important the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene are to our customers.

    We, therefore only use single use equipment, to pretect your health interests. All of our tattooists are fully traiden and hold all the revelent certificates, readily available for your inspection. If you don't see a design you like.

    We can design a one-off tattoo - just for you!

  • F.A.Q

    Does it hurt?

    Answer to this question can be variable.Place,size and professionalism of tattoo artist are important things. Also it is related to your threshold for pain.Ladies usually liken the tattoo to waxing.In my 8 years experiencing,nobody left it without finishing.

    Does it bleed?

    Tattoos which bleeds are done in a harsh,deep and primitive way,but body stomas areopened during tattoo,that is why you can see redness as small as tip of a pin.

    Does tattoo's colours fade?

    Coloured tattoos which are applicated in a professional way can preserve itself perfectly many years after a good care.

    Do you make special drawing?

    Yes,we do. We can design a model you imagine.

    Before - After


    Think about it with relaxed mind and throughly.

    * People's ideas are important around you,but tattoo is a fairly personal application.

    * Choose your body part. If you can't decide,you can get our ideas about size and colour.

    * There is no fashion tattoo,first you should know this. So, this question is wrong

    * What kind of tattoo people usually get?

    * After you decide on pattern and body part,you are supposed to find a tattoo studio.


    * Hygiene

    * Workmanship

    * Team

    * Communication

    * Explore,be sure and no regret.


    Your tattoo is covered with a cling film,and it is covered 1 or 2 hours.

    * Take a shower is free. Cream is adviced 3-4 times in a day.

    * You should use the cream in a small amount with circle movements.

    * It will heal after 4-10 days process.It will be peeled during the healing.

    * It is important not to play with your tattoo,and you shouldn't scretch it.

    * You should not be exposed to sun.Contact us for any further questions.

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    Blackline Tattoo Marmaris

    Kemal Seyfettin Elgin Boulevard
    170 Street
    Kaya Site No : 3
    Marmaris - TURKEY
    Mobile : +90 541 422 60 08
    Studio : +90 252 417 01 18 E-mail: tattoomarmaris@gmail.com

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  • Information


    Different sized and coloured patterns are applied under the upper derm,between the epidermis and dermis. This process are done by a machine which works with electricity.To sum up, tattoois a art which is applied with machine and ink which doesn't have toxic effect at all and also inks,we use, are EU quality certified.


    Needles and inks,we use,are brought from an Englishcompant that produce the world's best quality materials for tattoo.Needles are produced as stainless steel.Needles are pocketed untouched by hand.These pockets are opened near the customers,and after It is used,it is obliterated.Another material that touches the body;surgical steel tips are used as surgical plastic and single used in our studio.


    Inks,we use for tattoo,are explored and produced especially for tattoo,and inks don't have toxic effects. In our studio, inks are materials which are certified from the most respected laboratory and inks have quality criteria of EU.


    USA,special handmade and European machines are use in our studio. These machines are the first quality tattoo machines in the world.


    Piercing is a material which is applied to a specific body parts.Piercings,which are used in our studio,are brought from an English Company,WILDCAT tm. whose products are used around the world and certified.


    Surgical stainless steel pliers,scissors,tweezers and single used needles are used during the piercing process. Also cleanin materials are uses before and after the tattoo.


    Permanent make-up,names as ''Micro pigment application'' is an application which is done with micro sterile and single used needle.This application is being done by injecting colour under the derm surface.It doesn't contain any additive and smell substance.Tattoo and permanenet make-up are different fields, but both of them can stay on the body many years. Thanks to this application, eyebrow,eyeliner and lips are being done as same as natural skin colour. Little deficiencies and deformities can also be corrected, so your face can look younger after this process.


    UV tattoo,under the ultraviolet lights,which is known as BlackLight,is comprisinf fairly beautiful appearance. It takes more time and workmanship according to normal tattoo.This kind of tattoo have been used by too many tattoo fans. Although inks,which are used for tattoo,has been used for 11 years,It has just won popularity.BlackLight tattoos,especially used by people who are between 18-30 years old people are comprised nice appearance in the places such as night clubs and bars.